Cambridge Oaks Frequently Asked Questions

What are your COVID-19 protocols?

The health and wellness of our residents is our top priority, please see below for more information.

Are there individual leases?

Yes! Each applicant completes their own application and lease and is responsible for his/her own rental installments. We offer individual liability leases.

Do you allow pets?

Yes! Your furry friend is welcomed at Cambridge Oaks. Please click the Pet Policy button in the utility bar at the top to see our Pet Policy.

Do you allow service animals?

We sure do, please contact the on-site team for more information about registering your animal.

How long are the leases?

We offer 10-month (Academic Year) and 12-month (Full Year) leases! Throughout the year we also add leasing applications that cover Spring (January-May), Spring/Summer (January-July), and Summer (June-July).

Do you provide roommate matching?

Come to us with friends in mind or allow us to match you up-- your choice! We give the power to choose your unit and roommates in your application. We can also match you up with a compatible roommate based on the profile you complete in the application process. *unit and roommates subject to change without notice

Are the apartments furnished?

We have both furnished and unfurnished options. Our 2 bedroom private & semi-private spaces have the option of coming furnished or unfurnished. Our furniture package includes a twin size bed, set of drawers, desk, desk chair, coffee table, side table, sofa and sofa chair. Our unfurnished options (1 Bedroom and Studio Efficiencies) are a great space to build your home.

Are utilities included?

WiFi and garbage collection are completely covered here at Cambridge Oaks. We provide an allowance of $25 per person/month towards electricity. Water and gas charges are allocated throughout the property and charged accordingly.

Is there on-site maintenance?

Yes, we have a great maintenance team to address your needs. If you have an issue after-hours, we have an on call team ready to assist.

Is a meal plan required at Cambridge Oaks?

No! A meal plan is not required here at Cambridge Oaks. Every unit comes with a fully furnished kitchen that includes a microwave, stovetop oven, dishwasher and refrigerator. Since we include a fully functioning kitchen, we do not require students to have a meal plan.